Have you ever had an experience, that you lost your will to visit a museum, because of the behavior of the ticket clerk? Has it ever happened to you, that you left the restaurant because of the slowness, perhaps the behavior of the waiter? Have you ever met a moody shop assistant, who seemed to be waiting for the end of the shift? Have you ever had an experience that you got the proper services on your holiday, but you lost your will, because all of the service providers were so bored?

The sights of Miskolc, restaurants, accommodations, museums, baths and shops in the downtown cooperate so tourists can really have a good time in Miskolc.

They created the "Thousand Smiles of Miskolc" in which almost 100 shop assistants, cashiers, receptionists, waiters, waitresses and customer services take part. The goal of the program is to make Miskolc “the most hospitable” Hungarian city, where each visitor gets a smile, and where everyone, who is working in the tourism add their name, knowledge and hospitability to their work.

The participants of the "Thousand Smiles of Miskolc" introduce themselves on a common website from May 11, 2016, where visitors can rate their expertise, kindness and effectiveness on PC or on mobile phone with QR code. Visitors can also get more information about „the most hospitable” places at www.miskolcimosolyprogram.hu. Voters can win a long weekend in Miskolc, the draw will be on March, 2017.

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